Structural and Thermal Simulation with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire


Product Description

Structural and Thermal Simulation with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire


In this course you will learn how to test, validate, and optimize product designs with Mechanica. You will do this by learning how to simulate structural and thermal loads on product designs. You will also complete comprehensive, hands-on lab exercises that simulate realistic analysis and design optimization activities. Both mechanical and thermal analysis techniques are covered. Advanced topics such as contact, buckling, and vibration are also covered.

After completing this course, you will be able to run engineering analyses and optimizations on your product design models.

You will receive the following items with this course:

  • Free Quick Reference Card that enables you to quickly look up frequently-used information when working with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire.
  • Color student guides that complement the lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises.
  • A Pro/FICIENCY account for accessing assessment questions and supplementary training material. The assessment questions are provided to help both you and the instructor evaluate your progress in learning the skills covered during the lectures and labs. The account also provides access to Web-based training (WBT) developed by CADTRAIN. The WBT can be used during class to reinforce the lab exercises and can also be used after the class is over as refresher training. The Pro/FICIENCY account enables you to access up to five CADTRAIN learning modules.

Audience :

This course is intended for design engineers, mechanical designers, and related roles.

Topics :

  • Simulating Mechanical and Thermal Loads in Machine Parts
  • Introduction to the Mechanica Simulation Process
  • Modeling Geometry, Material Properties, Loads, and Constraints
  • Running Static, Modal, and Thermal Analyses
  • Reviewing and Interpreting Results
  • Assigning Design Variables
  • Running Design Sensitivity and Optimization Analyses
  • Simulating Contact, Buckling, and Pre-Stress Analyses
  • Best Practices for Simulating Mechanical and Thermal Loads in Machine Parts


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