Customizing Pro/ENGINEER with Pro/TOOLKIT


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Customizing Pro/ENGINEER with Pro/TOOLKIT (2001)

This course covers the use of Pro/TOOLKIT to create applications programs. Students are guided through a set of problems focusing on specific areas of Pro/ TOOLKIT functionality. Class time is a mix of lectures and lab work.

Upon completion, each student should be capable of developing basic customized application programs and have a working knowledge of the topics in this course.

Note: Students will be programming in the C language and are required to bring a C programming manual to use as a reference during lab exercises.


This course is intended for Application Developers.


  • Menus and messages – building customized menus and messages
  • Model parameters – read and write access to modifying the model
  • Assemblies – creating and modifying assemblies
  • Geometry – evaluating geometry for topology data
  • Features – programmatic understanding and manipulation of features
  • Drawings – programmatic understanding and manipulation of drawings

Course Code :TRN-767

Duration :5 Days

Format :In Our Center
On Your Site

Agenda :ยปView PDF (511 KB)

Required Prerequisites

  • The ability to build and modify simple parts and assemblies, create a pattern of features, and define and place UDFs.
  • The ability to program in “C.” with the following knowledge: double pointers and arrays, (for) loops, (while) loops, switch statements, strings and str*() library functions, data structures and using function output arguments by passing addresses of variables.
  • Knowledge of UNIX (Commands such as cd, cp, rcp, ls, man, mkdir, “vi” editor, C compiler switches, dbx, fgrep, makefiles, and ps).


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